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The Founder of Alvademy

The Founder of Alvademy



My name is Albert Vargas.


I am originally from Mexico but I have been living in the US since 2014. I have been teaching foreign languages since 2006. I am an English, Spanish and French teacher. 


My passion for learning new languages started in High School with French. After achieving the highest level of English at Middle School, I opted to begin a new language, French. My decision to begin French language lessons in High School would be a pivotal moment in my life. I began a passion for learning new languages that I would follow for life.


I remember being so interested and intrigued in all of my French language lessons because everything was new to me. I continued French language lessons after High School for five more years. I loved being a French language student because my French teachers were also my friends. We went out together to places where I practiced the language outside of the classroom. We also had home get-togethers with other French speakers.

The times I had the opportunity to speak with other people in the target language made a dramatic improvement on my conversational speaking and listening comprehension skills. Being friends with my teachers influenced me greatly and I decided I wanted to be a teacher like them.


I realized that learning a new language was not just learning words or how to put them together. I believe learning a new language is immersing yourself in a new culture where all of the students inclusively share their thoughts, opinions, similarities, and differences. My approach to teaching language lessons is to treat all of my students with the same respect and dignity as I do with my friends and family.


We live in a world that is constantly changing. Our world is more connected than ever. Speaking a second language is extremely important whether you are looking for a better job, want to move to, visit, or study in another country. Learning a new language is a learning curve that may take you years to master. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can start learning today. Remember that tomorrow will be too late. 


Start studying at Alvademy where your courses will be taught by someone who is a student of languages and understands the difficulties of learning a new language.


We are open for enrollment. Book your course at Alvademy now and begin your journey today.

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