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The Dubai Fountain Show 2022

Updated: May 21, 2022

The Dubai fountain is one of the top attractions in Dubai. It is located outside Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa (the tallest skyscraper in the world). Its water show is amazing and breathtaking.

Some interesting facts about The Dubai Fountain:

  • The Dubai Fountain is owned by the Emaar company and was designed by the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

  • It's the largest fountain in the world.

  • The Fountain was officially opened in May 2009.

  • It has the ability to shoot water up to 500 feet —as high as a 50-story building.

  • It has the ability to spray 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any moment.

  • The water show comes with a changing playlist of about 50 musical pieces.

  • It took almost five weeks for the team to choreograph Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Good places to see the fountain show from

Albert and I decided to go see The Dubai fountain show during our first day in Dubai. We went there in the evening because the time of the show is every 3o minutes from 6pm to 11pm.

There are many spots where people can watch the show from, but the following are just some good ones:

  • The boardwalk in front of the fountain.

  • Some of the restaurants that have outdoor seats.

  • The top of Burj Khalifa. We also saw the show from the lounge on the 154th floor (the highest floor tourists can get to) and from the observatory on the 124th floor as well. We saw it when we visited the Burj Khalifa two days later. We will write another blog post only about that amazing skyscraper. So stay tuned! :)

  • The best option and the one we chose is the show from the fountain boat ride.

Our experience

During our first day, we decided to get some rest first. Later that evening, we explored Dubai. It was the best decision we could have made and we will never regret it.

We decided to go see the fountain show in the evening, but also wanted to take a boat tour. So we decided to take the fountain show boat ride. The boat departs 15 minutes before the show starts and it is operated from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. We booked our tickets for the last boat ride at 10:45 p.m.

We were planning to get to the fountain show at least 15 minutes before the departure time of the boat. But sometimes things don’t happen the way you plan them and we left our hotel around 20 minutes before the beginning of the boat ride. The good thing was that we had a rental car. However, it was Albert’s second time driving in that city. The first time was on our way from the Dubai’s Airport to the hotel. The bad thing was that roads in Dubai are crazy and very confusing. But Albert is an excellent driver with many years of experience and he did an excellent job. So we got to that place around 5 minutes before the departure time of our boat tour. Albert parked our car really fast and we ran to the boat dock. First, we got to the entrance of ‘At the top of Burj Khalifa’. The guy who worked there told us that we were in the wrong place and told us that the boats were outside by the fountain and told us the way we had to follow. Albert and I both ran there, but when we got outside it was a huge place with many people and we couldn't see any boats. So we asked someone where the boats were and he told us where we had to go. We continued running afterwards. The last boat was still there and we were able to board it successfully. It was a stressful time because we thought we were not going to make it. But we did at the end! We enjoyed the boat tour so much, every second of it. We really loved it!

For the first 10 minutes before the show started, we had a boat tour around the fountain. We were able to enjoy some spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and some of the beautiful and modern skyscrapers and buildings of Dubai. It was amazing. In the middle of the boat tour, the boat stopped next to the fountains and we were able to see the fountain show which lasted for around 4 minutes.

The show was amazing. Seeing it with our own eyes and experiencing it in person, is one of the most amazing and magnificent things we have ever seen. We are very happy that we took that boat ride because we saw the show from the closest point anyone is able to see it from. We will never forget it.

I know it’s not the same as seeing it with your own eyes, but we would like to share the video Albert took of the show. So you can also enjoy the beauty of this show. Whenever you go to Dubai, we would like to recommend you to take the fountain show boat tour and not to miss this beautiful attraction.

Enjoy watching the following video and leave your comments and questions if you want more information about tips when visiting Dubai! 😊 The following video will be released this coming Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 4 p.m. (ET).

This blog post was proofread by Saúl Albert Vargas (the founder of Alvademy).

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